Remove Wet Or Dry Latex Paint From A Hardwood Floor

If you recently remodeled your living room and chose to have hardwood flooring installed and accidentally spilled latex painted onto the one of the wooden planks while you were painting the room's walls, the following steps can be completed to remove the paint from the floor without permanently damaging the wooden surface.


  • thick towel
  • flexible plastic putty knife
  • mineral spirits
  • non-abrasive sponges
  • water
  • wood cleaning agent
  • lint-free cloth
  • dust mop

Soak Up Fresh Paint And Lift Dry Paint

If the paint is still wet, fold a thick towel in quarters and press one side of the towel against the paint. Hold the towel against the floor for several seconds to absorb the paint. Lift the towel from the floor and inspect the plank. If wet paint is still present, refold the towel and press a clean side of the towel against the paint-covered plank. Avoid wiping the towel across the wooden surface because it may cause the paint to spread to other wooden planks.

If the paint has already dried, use a flexible plastic putty knife to carefully lift the hardened paint from the floor. To do this, insert the tip of the knife under one side of the hardened paint and slightly move the tool's handle upward. Move the tip of the tool to another side of the hardened paint and lift the edge of the substance. Continue loosening the paint from the floor in this manner until the majority of the paint has been removed from the plank.

Remove Traces Of Latex Paint And Clean The Wood

If there are still traces of latex paint on the floor after completing the previous steps, pour a small amount of mineral spirits onto a damp sponge. Gently move the sponge back and forth over the wooden floor. If the wood is exposed to too much mineral spirits or if you use force while moving the sponge over the wooden plank's surface, sealer and stain on the floor could be permanently stained, which would require sanding, staining, and sealing the wood to fix the problem.

After you have successfully removed the paint from the wooden plank, pour a few drops of a wood cleaning agent onto a slightly damp sponge. Move the sponge back and forth over the wood to eliminate mineral spirits that remain on the wooden surface. Use a lint-free cloth or a dust mop to dry the clean plank. 

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