Ideal Types Of Flooring To Consider For Your Basement Renovation

Many homes have unfinished basements, which means that whether you buy a new home or one that people have lived in for years, you may be dealing with an unfinished basement. Although other renovation projects may be more pressing, you'll eventually get around to thinking about how to remodel the basement. Several elements can turn this space into livable space for your family, including the floor that you select. Some types of flooring are less than ideal for the basement, but the good news is that others are perfectly suitable. Here are three good choices for flooring material for this space.


Laminate flooring is a good choice for your basement because of its rugged nature. If you have children who will be playing in the basement, you want flooring that will stand up the abuse that it may take over the years. For example, if the kids are playing hockey in the basement, you'll need a flooring type that won't get chipped and otherwise damaged. Laminate can be suitable in this scenario. While laminate can sustain small scratches over time due to prolonged use, they're often not overly visible.


Although some homeowners are moving away from the use of carpet in living rooms and bedrooms, you shouldn't overlook this flooring material as being suitable for use in the basement of your home. Carpet is a good choice for the basement because it provides a degree of warmth and coziness that the basement may currently be lacking. If you live in an area that has cold winters, the basement may be a little inhospitable due to its cold temperatures. This is especially the case when the basement is unfinished and has a concrete floor. When carpet is put down, the basement will be nicer underfoot and feel cozier for your family.


Tile is another material to consider for your basement floor. This material is not only desirable because it's available in a long list of sizes, colors, and styles but also because you can put radiant flooring heating beneath it. Radiant heating coils are suitable for use beneath tile, making this pairing a perfect choice for augmenting the basement's comfort level. The tiles will remain a warm temperature, which is pleasing to whoever is on them in bare or sock feet. And, because heat rises, the heating of the floor can help to improve the heat in your house overall.

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