4 Non-Traditional Ideas For New Bathroom Cabinets

Are you in the process of remodeling your bathroom? Now is the time to make the space exactly like you dreamed of. One area that you can have a lot of creativity with are your bathroom cabinets. Here are some non-traditional customizations that you may not have thought of.

Built-in Step stool

Do you have kids in your home that are brushing their teeth on their own? The addition of a step stool in the bathroom so that they can reach the sink may be taking up a lot of space. Consider adding a step stool that is built into your bathroom cabinets. It could be located right under the sink and pull out like a hidden cutting board in a kitchen, but with enough support to hold a child.

Narrow Pull-Out Drawers

Does your bathroom leave you with some very small spaces that cannot be used for storage? This area shouldn't be covered with wood and not utilized, especially if you are getting custom bathroom cabinets created. 

You can use a thin part of your cabinets for a pullout drawer that looks similar to a hidden spice rack in a kitchen. It will have the height so store some of your taller items that would normally sit on your countertop, like hair spray bottles or that big container of mouthwash.

Pull-Out Trash Can

Tired of looking at the bathroom trashcan taking up space on the floor where everyone can see the trash that is inside? You can hide this trash can in your bathroom cabinetry.

Have a special drawer installed that will hide the trash can and allow you to pull it out on a sliding drawer when necessary. Not only does this keep the trash out of sight, but will prevent odors from spreading from the trash as well.

Shallow Makeup Drawers

Is the bathroom where you put your makeup on in the morning? Makeup is one item that is hard to store, because they are small containers that are often buried on top of each other in makeup kits or deep drawers.

Have a shallow drawer installed as the top drawer next to your sink. This makes an ideal makeup drawer, because nothing will be buried on top of each other and you will be able to see everything. No more digging around trying to find a specific shade of blush.

These are just a few ideas you can use to customize your bathroom cabinets. For more information, contact a business such as Interior Expressions