Talk To Your Contractor About Adding These Luxury Elements To Your En-Suite Bathroom

When you own a large home, one of the biggest perks will be the size of your en-suite bathroom. It's a good feeling to step from your master bedroom into the en-suite bathroom and enjoy a surplus of space, rather than have to deal with a bathroom that is cramped. You may have numerous elements in this bathroom, including a soaker tub, stand-up shower, and more. If you want to make this part of your home even more luxurious, there are several elements that you can discuss with your remodeling contractor.

Double Doors

If you've ever stayed in a luxury hotel, one of the most enticing things that you'll notice about the bathroom is that it may have double doors. Just as high-end homes will commonly have double front doors, luxury bathrooms can have a pair of doors placed together. This is truly a luxury upgrade — it might not be overly practical, as you likely never need to get a large piece of furniture into the space, but you'll feel like a king or queen each time you open the doors to enter the bathroom. This upgrade is possible based on the position of the bathroom door; if there's adequate room beside it, your remodeling contractor shouldn't have trouble adding a second door.

Ceiling Fan

When you think of luxury bathroom upgrades, a ceiling fan might not immediately come to mind. However, this simple device can add a considerable amount of luxury to this room in your home. Imagine relaxing in the hot water of your soaker tub while a fan spins gently above you, creating a pleasant breeze that feels good on your skin. Your remodeling contractor can install a ceiling fan wherever you want it in the bathroom; it makes sense to have this fixture mounted close to the center of the room so that its breeze can reach each corner of the space.


Draperies in a bathroom can add a luxury feel. For many people, a standard bathroom can feel a little cold, thanks to all of the hard surfaces and straight lines. However, when you begin to add softer elements to the space, it can feel more enticing — and if the soft elements are done right, they can add a touch of luxury. Draperies hanging around the windows or in other places throughout your bathroom can be enticing. You'll want to talk to your remodeling contractor about these locations that he or she can install the appropriate rails, rods, or other hardware to hold the draperies.