Want To Make Your Windows A Better Fit For Your Cat? 3 Tips For Making The Best Selection

If you're considering replacing the windows in your home, it's important that you consider the needs of every member of your family. If you have a pet cat that loves looking out the windows, it only makes sense to consider their needs before deciding on new windows to have installed at home. While it may seem extreme to base your purchase around your cat, it can make a big difference in how happy you are years later with your selection of windows. The following tips can all come in handy when you want the windows to look great and be a good fit:

Large Built-In Windowsill

One of the most appealing features for windows to have installed with your cat in mind is a large windowsill. Many people make the mistake of forgetting just how much their cat enjoys looking outside. The large windowsill can help keep your cat off the furniture and still allow them to get a clear view outside your home. This can be a smart option when you want your cat to look outside, but don't want to place your furniture right next to the window to provide them with a clear view. A large windowsill can be installed at the same time as your new windows, allowing you to have a new look in your home without as much effort on your part.

Durable Screen Insert

Another option for making your new windows a better fit for your cat is durable screen inserts. Since your cat will likely be looking out the window for long stretches of time, it's likely that they will occasionally try to tear the screen. This can lead to the screen getting ruined or even your cat getting out of your home due to a rip in the window screen. By getting a screen insert that's durable enough to withstand wear and tear from your cat, you can be sure that your windows are a safe choice when you have a cat.

Easy to Keep Streak-Free

Since you have a cat that will likely be hanging out in the windows, it makes sense to choose windows that are more resistant to streaks. Streaks in your windows can make them difficult to clean and can obstruct your view, making it a good idea to look into windows that are easiest to clean and won't be a problem when you have a cat that often puts their paw on the windowpanes.

As you prepare for choosing new windows to have installed in your home, consider the above tips so that your final choice of windows can look great and be a safe bet for your cat. Click for more info on choosing new windows for your home.