How To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger Without A Major Remodel

A kitchen remodel can completely transform the appearance and functional space of your kitchen, but it comes with a necessarily hefty price tag and disruption to your home which may not always be ideal. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to increase the amount of visual space within your kitchen without having to completely remodel your kitchen. Understanding what minor alterations that you can make to your kitchen to make it look bigger can help you reinvent the space without breaking the bank.

Increase Natural Light

The best way to increase the perceived amount of space in your kitchen, or any room for that matter, is to increase the amount of natural light that manages to enter the room. You can do this in a variety of different ways. Installing a new window, or expanding an existing window, to allow more light into your kitchen will definitely help, but will require some minor construction. Otherwise, you can try repainting your kitchen walls a lighter, more reflective shade (think white or light blue) and installing mirrors and other reflective surfaces in your kitchen.

Floors, Cabinets, Countertops and Backsplashes

In a similar vein to the above point, you'll want to choose materials for your kitchen surfaces that increase the amount of visual space in the room. Stainless steel, glass, and lightly colored natural stone works well for backsplashes and countertops, and will help reflect existing natural light without a huge reconstruction project. Replacing solid wood cabinet doors with models that have glass panes in them can also help increase the amount of space that is visible in your kitchen, thus producing the illusion of a larger room. Finally, your kitchen floors should have the boards running side to side: this works just like a striped shirt does, and will make your kitchen seem wider and more open (choose light shades of stain as well, for an even larger reflective surface).

Increase Vertical Space

Beyond increasing the amount of visual space within a kitchen, you can also increase the amount of functional storage space that you have by installing shelves and additional cabinetry in the areas above your sightline. A wall mounted knife rack instead of a knife block or hooks to hang up mugs and pans are also good options. All of these additional storage spaces can allow you to move lesser used items from your countertops to hanging from your walls and ceiling, freeing up usable and functional space in your kitchen.

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