3 Inexpensive Kitchen Upgrades That Can Transform Your Kitchen

You can transform your kitchen quickly and inexpensively without too much hassle. These tips aren't a substitution for professional kitchen remodeling services. However, they can help your kitchen stay fresh and trendy while you work on figuring out your dream kitchen remodeling design.

1. Give Your Cabinets or Drawers a Makeover

You don't have to replace your cabinets or drawers. Here are a few things you can do with cabinets and drawers to spruce up your kitchen.

Make changes to the cabinet doors – You can paint your cabinet doors, decorate them, or swap them out. If white is what's in, you can paint your cabinets a gorgeous shade of it.

If you want to match the open aesthetic, you can give your cabinets glass doors. You can get creative and give your cabinets a decorative coat or other specific design.

You can even remove your cabinet doors altogether. Doing so can create a modern aesthetic in your kitchen you didn't even know was possible.

Swap fixtures on cabinets and drawers – Swapping the fixtures on your cabinets and drawers can bring a completely new feel to your kitchen. You can easily find luxury fixtures, or close proximities, and use them to add a new dimension to your kitchen.

2. Add Some Lighting to Highlight the Charm of Your Kitchen

Adding lights in specific areas of the kitchen can work as a full upgrade without you needing to change anything else. Lighting can create mood and atmosphere. It can help to focus attention on parts of the kitchen you want people to see more of.

You can use LED task lighting to illuminate different areas of the kitchen. All it takes is a tastefully positioned light strip. For example, you can place an LED light strip above your cabinets to create the "uplighting" effect you find at formal events.

3. Play with Color Schemes and Themes

Many kitchen remodeling trends have more to do with themes and color schemes than anything else. You don't have to go the full remodel route to change the colors of your kitchen. For example, a two-toned color scheme can give your kitchen a modern transitional look.

You can create a color scheme or theme for your kitchen just by adding in different accessories, such as table covers or plants. A quick paint job can do a lot for your kitchen as well.

Using the previously mentioned tips can help with this as well. Even something simple, like a well-placed fruit basket, can make a lot of difference in what your kitchen says to guests.

You can use these tips as a test for what you're trying to accomplish when you decide it's time for a full kitchen remodel. Try out a few things, then communicate what exactly what you're looking for to a group that does professional kitchen design services, like Kitchen Expo.