3 Things To Consider When Choosing Cabinetry

Whether it's for your kitchen, your bathroom, or another room in your home, cabinetry is something that stands out. Not only are your cabinets a major focal point, they are also very important for storage. It's important to choose cabinetry that is both aesthetically pleasing and that meets your storage needs. However, making a choice can be difficult. There are a variety of cabinet styles to choose from. Cabinets are available in various materials, colors, and sizes. If you are looking to replace the cabinets in your home, here are three things to consider.

Cabinet Type

When it comes to cabinetry, you have the choice between custom, semi-custom, and stock cabinets. Determining which type to go with will depend on your timeline, your budget, and the style you are looking for. If you want high-end cabinetry and full control over the size and style of the cabinets, then custom cabinetry will be right for you. Semi-custom cabinets allow you a large amount of control in terms of style and material but not as many options as custom cabinets. Stock cabinets are an affordable option; however, they come as-is and offer little to no customization and the size cannot be altered. 


Your budget is likely to play a major role in your choice of cabinetry. Custom cabinetry tends to be the most expensive followed by semi-custom, stock, and ready-to-assemble. If you are looking for a high-end look, custom or semi-custom will be the best options. If you want to save, then stock cabinetry and even ready-to-assemble are the best options. On average stock cabinets run between $60 and $200 per linear foot. Semi-custom costs between $100 and $650 per linear foot while custom cabinetry averages between $500 and $1,200 per linear foot. 


Another thing to consider when choosing cabinetry is your timeline. It can take three to four months to build custom cabinets and have them arrive at your home. Semi-custom cabinets take anywhere from four to eight weeks to be completed after you order them. If you are under a tight deadline, custom or semi-custom cabinetry may not be a possibility. If you are remodeling part of your home and want these types of cabinets, then you will need to make a decision early in order for them to arrive in enough time. If you are in a time crunch, stock cabinetry is likely to be the best option.

When choosing cabinets there are a lot of things to consider including color, material, size, and style. You also have the choice between custom, semi-custom, and stock cabinetry. Of course, your budget will often dictate which type you choose. Custom tends to be the most expensive and stock the least expensive. Your timeline can also play a role in your decision. Custom cabinetry can take months to build and install while stock cabinetry is readily available. 

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