How To Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger

If you feel like your kitchen is so cramped and that no matter how many people you kick out of your kitchen when you're cooking, you still don't have enough space to move around, then it may be time for a kitchen remodel. And even though you can reconfigure a few things here and there, unless you are doing an addition, your kitchen may still be small unless you do a few things to make it feel bigger than it actually is. Sounds a bit tricky, right? This article will list a few ways that you can make your kitchen feel bigger during a kitchen remodeling project. Read on to learn more. 

Open Shelving 

Yes, cabinets are necessary because they hide all of your food, pots, pans, and dishes, but they can also make your kitchen look clunky and small. To help make your kitchen feel a lot more open, consider adding some open shelving rather than just a bunch of upper cabinets. Although you can still have some upper cabinets for storage, adding some open shelving either around your window or on either side of your hood vent will really open things up. Plus, you can display some of your cute dishes on them, which will act not only as a storage space but also a decorative space.

White Cabinets

During the late 90's and early 2000's, dark wood kitchen cabinets were all the rage, but things have lightened up drastically which can make your kitchen look and feel bigger. During your kitchen remodel, consider adding white shaker cabinets to make the whole room look even bigger than it actually is. Plus, because white is so neutral, it really goes with virtually any style. Additionally, when you're choosing a wall color, go with something really light and neutral like a white or a light grey because it will help everything look even bigger. 

Recessed Lighting

Pendants above an island are always a good thing but for everywhere else in your kitchen, make sure that you go with recessed lighting. Recessed lighting will make your kitchen feel bigger for a variety of reasons including that it will make it brighter and they make your ceilings look taller as well. 

If you don't have a lot of square footage in your home but you want your kitchen to look bigger, then use the tips in this article during your kitchen remodeling project.