Insight To Help You Repair And Replace Your Water Damaged Bathroom Cabinets

Water damage to your bathroom can come from many causes, such as a leaking pipe, overflowing drain, or flooding from outside your home. The clean-up to your bathroom will consist of repairing or replacing the wood cabinets and any other damaged materials. Here are some tips and insight for repairing and remodeling your bathroom cabinets to make them great looking once again.

Remove Mold Growth

If your bathroom cabinets have been damaged from water, the damage can lead to mold and mildew growth. Because your cabinets are made of wood in their frame and structure, the wood absorbs and holds in moisture, which will not dry out quickly when it remains closed off behind the cabinet doors. The resulting mold and mildew growth may surprise you as you reach for something stored in your cabinet's under-storage.

You may need to remove and replace the wood panel bottom from your cabinet or thoroughly clean the mold from the wood using a bleach and water solution. But make sure all traces of mold spores are wiped clean and disinfected with a bleach cleaning solution.

Repair Cabinet Water Damage

Once you have removed the mold and mildew growth and killed any remaining spores within the wood, you can tackle the water damage to the cabinet wood. Water will warp wood when it absorbs into the wood's fibers and expands the surface. Make sure you let the wood fully dry before sanding and repairing it. You can test the wood's moisture level with a hygrometer and also place a dehumidifier inside your bathroom cabinet for several days to remove the excess moisture.

Sand off the wood's finish and into the wood to smooth the surface of the wood and remove any warping from moisture. If the warping is excessive, you may consider replacing the cabinet. For example, if the cabinet door is warped to the point it won't close evenly, you may need to replace the door section with a new piece. Be sure you get a replacement piece that matches the wood and its stain, unless you plan to repaint the wood.

Refinish Cabinets

After repairing the wood structure of your cabinets, you can prepare to re-stain and coat them with a new polyurethane. Be sure to select the stain that matches any existing stain in your bathroom and sand off any finish so you can apply the stain and polyurethane to clean wood.

If you are applying paint onto your cabinets, sand off any smooth finish to help the paint remain on your cabinets and not peel off. Remove the cabinet doors and hardware before applying the stain or paint.