Bathroom Renovations – Making Changes To Adapt To Growing Older

When your bathroom has seen better days, it's time to begin planning for a renovation of the room. If you're in the beginning stages of your bathroom renovation planning, you may be a bit overwhelmed with where to start. Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help you plan and execute your bathroom renovation with ease.

Think Ahead

How old are you? Do you see yourself having troubles getting around within the next several years? If so, some of the decisions that you have to make should include the possibility that your mobility may be less than what it is today in just a few short years.

Do you use your bathtub or do you strictly shower? When your mobility begins to go, one of the first things that you'll want in your home is a walk-in shower. Instead of having to undo the renovation work that you're doing now, consider installing a walk-in shower now instead of in a few years when you need it.

Also consider the reachability of the sink fixtures and the space that'll be needed to get around if you were to become wheelchair bound or need to use a walker. In some cases, you may want to opt for a smaller bathroom vanity in order to leave more room to move around in the bathroom.

Grab bars are another addition that older folks need to safely use the bathroom. You will be able to add the grab bars later without undoing any of the work as long as the trim and decorative tile are installed at the right height. If the trim is installed at the same height that the grab bar will need to be positioned, you will either have to drill through the trim or remove it entirely before the grab bar can be installed.

No More Moldy Grout

If you prefer tile in your bathroom but don't like to battle the mold growth in the grout, you can opt for epoxy grout and still use the tile that you prefer. Epoxy grout looks much like traditional grout, but it will not absorb moisture or become discolored like traditional grout does. This can be used in the shower, on the walls, and on the flooring tiles.

Talk with your bathroom remodeling professional to learn more about the changes that can be made today to make things a little easier as you grow older in your home.