4 Reasons To Choose A Real Roof For Your Patio

Do you want to add a covered patio or entertainment space in your backyard? More and more Americans are turning to recreation and dining at home during the uncertain times of 2020 and beyond. And you have many choices as to how to cover your backyard retreat, including everything from a simple sail shade or lattice to a full roof.

With all these options, though, the reasons to go with a full and proper roof are many. Here are a few of the most important. 

1. It Looks Complete.

A roof that extends from your main house roof all the way over the outdoor entertainment zone looks like one solid and complete structure. Other roof designs, on the other hand, look like what they probably are — an afterthought. The unified and harmonious appearance of both the house and the backyard feature feels luxurious and makes the home seem larger. 

2. It Can Add Home Value.

A permanent extension of the home adds to the home's intrinsic value. It looks great and adds what feels like actual rooms to the outdoors, rather than just a place to put a grill or a set of lounge chairs. The additional investment of building a real roof shows that you have put care and effort into a well-executed and well-maintained home, which appeals to future buyers. 

3. It Provides More Comfort.

The solidity of a proper roof can make the outdoor area below and around it more comfortable than many other styles. It provides complete overhead protection from the sun as well as real protection from wind, snow, and rain — something that nearly all other cover materials can't match. You can also install both heaters and fans to hang from this hardy structure. 

4. It Can Be Enclosed.

If you're not sure whether or not you might want to enclose the patio at some point, it's wise to install a real roof now. Any other roofing material will need to be completely replaced if you ever decide to add walls, windows, and doors. But a good roof allows you to invest in that portion now and have less work and expense later. 

These are just four of the ways that a full roof benefits your outdoor entertainment plans. No matter whether you want it to be more comfortable, more luxurious, or more practical, any patio will be nicer under a proper roof extension. Want to know more? Meet with a roofing services contractor in your area today.