Live In A Condo? 3 Ways To Make A Small Kitchen Feel Less Cramped

As the owner of a condo, you may understand that you are limited in what kind of remodeling projects you can take on around the place. Making exterior changes such as replacing windows with larger ones or installing windows in new areas may not be a viable option inside a condo.

However, you can look forward to making a lot of different changes when you focus on all the interior projects that you can work on. If your kitchen is small and you want to make it feel less cramped, you should hire remodelers to work on a few specific projects within the space.

Breakfast Bar

A worthy feature to add in your kitchen is a breakfast bar because this involves removing the top half of a wall and making a space where you can sit down and enjoy a meal. In most cases, the breakfast bar will connect the kitchen to the living room and make the rooms feel connected.

This should automatically lead to the kitchen feeling larger because you can see all the way to the end of the living room as opposed to only seeing kitchen walls in every direction.


In a kitchen condo, you may know that you do not have a ton of options for expanding the room, which means you will need to get creative with remodeling projects. An effective method is to replace some of the cabinet doors around the room with glass ones that you can see through.

Being able to see more space in the kitchen can make the room feel larger, especially when you put time and effort into organizing kitchenware inside these cabinets. You can even add in-cabinet lighting to help with brightening up the interior since it may look dim in the evening.


Getting strategical with color usage is also worth considering because it can make a huge difference in the kitchen. While you should be able to make noticeable differences with any light colors, you may want to prioritize shades of white to get the best results around the kitchen.

The backsplash, ceiling, trim, walls, and cabinets are all features to think about for painting because they all have the potential to help make the room feel spacious.

If you are determined to make your small kitchen condo look and feel larger, you will find that working with a kitchen remodeling company on these projects can give you desirable results.